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Is Hatch Technologies a nonprofit? 

Yes, Hatch is a nonprofit.  


Where is Hatch located? 

Hatch headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya. Hatch is also registered in the USA.


What is “NEST360 qualified” and how are technologies qualified by NEST360?

NEST360 evaluates technologies for newborn care in low-resource settings using the five step process described here. Technologies are considered NEST360 qualified if they meet pre-defined performance metrics in each step.  


Where do your products come from? 

Our products come from manufacturers around the world and hold to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Which countries does Hatch work in? 

We currently work in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, and Tanzania. 

How do I buy your products? 

You can purchase through our authorised distributors. Please contact us for details.

How do I become a distributor? 

We are looking for distribution partners in sub-Saharan Africa that are committed to newborn care. Please contact us if you believe Hatch is a good fit.  


How do I become a supplier? 

All our products meet the Target Product Profiles developed by UNICEF and NEST360. Please contact us if your products meet the specifications. 

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